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With more than 14 years training on QuickBooks products, Account Mobility is focused on providing our clients advice on best practices for conversion to cloud accounting and consulting services which support their accounting platform choice. Account Mobility has been located in the Essex Junction area, providing our accounting, troubleshooting and consulting services focused on service based, product based, and non-profits organizations.

Our team has 1 person dedicated to the cloud conversion process, with an additional 4 people supporting them in the practice as cloud bookkeepers. Our team of consultant & bookkeepers provides strategic tiered support for your organizational, capital & operational planning or implementation needs.

We pride ourselves on being experts in the cloud accounting industry, offering insight that stems beyond accounting and can help guide strategy and operations in your organization – helping you to manage revenues, build market share and comply with continually changing regulations.

Stephanie Mack

Advanced Certified QBO

QuickBooks Online (ADVANCED)

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Point of Sale


Stephanie has over 15 years experience with QuickBooks accounting and operations, working with a cloud accounting deep dive since 2015. She has consulted on a wide variety of workflow improvements and best practices for operation issues including:

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