Position Description: Cloud Bookkeeping Team Manager
Reports to: Stephanie Mack, owner of AccountMobility

Job Overview:

The Cloud Bookkeeping Team Manager will help transition AccountMobility from a small to a large scale bookkeeping firm. This manager is responsible for organizing and preparing new client on-boarding for part-time and full time bookkeeping staff and while maintaining their own caseload of bookkeeping clients. AccountMobility has a progressive mindset to the new innovations in the accounting environment. We’re not your old school bookkeeping firm. We help clients work through the transition of becoming more streamlined and efficient so they can spend more time growing their business. This position will be on-site office in Essex Junction for regular work hours and client meetings. The team consists of 3 part-time staff. Seventy-five percent of the work is cloud or remote desktop based.

A candidate who Will be Successful in this position will:

Be committed to continual education. Has a high level of client skills, strong relationship building abilities
and is able to proactively overcoming client challenges. Understands how to be in charge and has strong
leadership abilities. Is proactive about what they need to be successful in the position.
Responsibilities and Duties:


Position Details:

About AccountMobility:

With more than 14 years training on QuickBooks products, Account Mobility is focused on providing our clients advice on best practices for conversion to cloud accounting and consulting services which support their accounting platform choice. We are located in the Essex Junction area, providing our accounting, troubleshooting and consulting services focused on service based, product based, and non-profits organizations.

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